Sunday, 21 February 2010

long February weekend

Yesterdays walk in the sunshine, glory be praised, was in wellies thru icey mud.
The gorse is bravely in flower once more and lunatics were sailing, have you ever been on a yacht - it is freezing at the best of times.

Went to a Textile show on Friday, the Three Disgraces went too as a homing beacon on our Forum table to all stitchers with a rebellious frame of mind. Seemed to work, but maybe I wasn't there to witness the more critical responses to work that was so merrily bodged.
Not merry today, rain is p*ssing down, sky is overcast [as it would be to maintain a logical world view] and I have a headache.

Can't remember what this intense line of concentration was viewing, obviously some fascinating technique, most of the stall holders seemed to have sprouted eccentric headgear this year.
Re-upholstery seems to be a good practical craft to learn, also good for the hips it seemed as the demonstrators had the tightest leanest jeans on show.