Sunday, 1 April 2012


This is my stitched self portrait required by next exhibition. I can't decide whether to add all the angry thoughts that are obviously whizzing round my mind!

probably I was thinking about my "novel" have to submit the first 1000 words by Thursday [to the OU, not an agent]. The story hasn't been too painful but writing the "commentary " as to why and how is a real pain.Only 1 more assignment to go [another 3000 words] and then I am free to spend as long as I like whittling about them, and never actually finishing, but it keeps me out of the kitchen and the cleaning cupboard and other useless activities so it has its value..

I guess I did know about Margaret MacDonald but I was quite bowled over when I saw her work on the gog on a programme about Art Nouveau. Much derided at the time apparently, critics called it spooky, which was not a good thing it seems. I guess it has been taken up and diminished by fantasy illustrators, but they would have to go some to match her draughts-womanship.

I am toying with ideas about Minerva and Medusa who had a moment, I hadn't realised. I like the Minerva mask lots of potential [but not the Victorian pushed back on back of her head]and of course the Medusa snakes, must be something in there for a series......................