Wednesday, 5 January 2011

on TV

Took a box of Xmas amaretto biscuits to textile group today as part of New Year generalised good wishes, now I have tooth ache.
Is there no justice. Usually I take a packet of crisps and watch everyone else get fat, but the festive season got to me and I tried to be nice.
New Year was quiet, watched the fireworks on TV; before that passed the evening watching In Ception also on TV.
Strange film, sort of metaphysical and wham bam thriller at the same time. Far too much bamming and not enough exposition about getting into the 3rd layer of the dreamers subconscious. Never really believe Leonardo de Caprio either, to me he is stuck as a puny teenager even with a beard.
Have been lusting over the Swedish Wallandar films tho, sub titled on TV, the guy is fat and blond but somehow extremely ...........ooomph And then there was the new Zen series on the TV, I don't care if Rufus didn't look or act at all like the book, he is beautiful.
It is my Mr Spock syndrome that is my undoing. These intellectual bottled up types, very wowy.