Saturday, 4 June 2011


Thought it was about time I looked at some stitching. Small persons don't leave a lot of gaps in the day. I am/ was working on a piece for a Time and Tide exhibition, so thought i would do fossils.

I have three skinny panels now - not really sure how to present them. I made them by rollering paint and stuff over a lace doily and moving it about to make a background. Then printed some fossil type things and sort of stitched around. Everyone seems pleased with me that I have made something subtle for a change. Poo.

This stitching group is having a fit of the knipshers about what to price our work at. I suspect they think i price too low, but I do want to be affordable. They had a big meeting where they agreed we should charge more I think, I dunno I didn't go.

"Hell is other people".

I once worked at a psychiatric Unit and the chief assured us that "Life is other people". Hmmm perhaps.