Thursday, 7 June 2012

Best news is we have found our next puppy.  It is over a year since Hattie died.  Gert and Daisy are well settled so in 2 weeks we hope to add this little black pudding.  She is in Norfolk with her mum and 7 brothers and sisters. We had to go to Norfolk to find Hatters so this is a good omen.  Mother a collieX and father a drug sniffer labrador.  Mum is called Tiber, and as we have been on the Med. trip we are looking for a Italian name; Hattie was named after Hathor the Egyptian goddess to remember our Nile trip. 
So far we have thought of Florence and Rubicon............

This lady is our sole evidence of the Jubilee, as apart from watching the Flotilla and not watching the Concert, we didn't take part.  Very un-English, chose to watch Andy Murray instead of going to the village fete and scarecrows. Found this posh bird still waiting for us as we walked through the woods.
 Lots and lots of foxgloves in the woods, birdsong, Spring smells -  very English.
 "They" are going to resurface the Main Road through the village, so "we" were informed that they will do it over night and redirect the traffic down our lane, with the aid of traffic lights. Never before!  "We" that's the royal "we" and doesn't include us, rose to their middle class heights and pointed out that the young people are doing their exams and there is no way they can be kept awake at nights with noisy mechanicals.  The event has now been postponed to October. Hopefully by then we will have persuaded the cats to don their tin hats and remain behind the barricades.