Thursday, 8 November 2012

End of the beginning

Well that's the end of the first six weeks of my Fine Arts experience. Callie and I are quite relaxed.
Passed Painting and Printing fortunately, so now we can press on next week to Sculpture and Lens Based work…………..cameras I presume.
I think I am settling down a bit, getting to know a few people and skulking the corridors less.  It is quite a culture change from Head Teacher to Anxious Student, specially when I am tempted to organise the class or worse still the tutor. Once a bossy woman, always a BW.
This and below is part of my piece about WWI
Sketch books play quite a large part of the on-going work and assessment.  I have always been too impatient to waste time of them before, just want to get my hands on the fabric and scissors, but I have found that being forced to think more laterally and explore ideas/evidence is helpful.
I still don't want to produce a sketch book as another "piece" - too often I have found in exhibitions the liveliest work has gone into the sketch book and by the time the final piece is produced the idea had curled up and died.
I will put some pics on my blog if you want to see more.
But right now I am going to Felixstowe to walk the dog………..unfortunately I can't quite relax as we had a lecture yesterday on a new Drawing project entitles {Sacred Places"  This bloke had been to Mount Athos, Bhutan, Canyons of America and produced books of sketches.  We have to make a concertina sketch book of 20 x A4 sketches of an actual journey of our own……….drawn in situ………maybe to my garden ladyshed………..who knows. Probably not Felixstowe I am rubbish at water colours
Collage re WWI influenced by Rauschenberg

1903 School class influenced by Marlene Dumas

Life drawing, poor Mike on a cold concrete floor.

Jen being Very Brave,  Young people know no fear.
Rabab and Tricia likewise