Tuesday, 12 July 2011

country pleasures

Sadly yesterday RP's car decided that it needed immediate medical attention, but being a thoughtful old car it declined near enough to the local garage to chug onto the forecourt, where it expired with a cough and an amber flashing oil light.
Leaving it in the warm oily embrace of the mechanics we had to decide how to get home.
Phone ma and get rescued, wait for the 2 hourly bus [due in about half an hour or so] ...........brightly I suggested we walk home.
We had come out for a walk after all.
Nearly three miles down a country road, lots of interest in the hedgerows, quite a few obliterated furry and feathered creatures. Death defying encounters with white vans, tractors, lorries .............
We just beat the bus to the outskirts of the village [late as usual] arriving home sweaty but unbowed.
Today we have an extra member of the family, Jpeg, a very enthusiastic black lab [is there any other kind?] to walk for a while. Her owners are off for a few days, so we are dog sitting. She is eight and built like a pile of bricks with gleaming little brown eyes peering out of her huge head looking for food. Any food, anybody's food.

Fossicking Fossils has sold, which is a bit of shock, especially as it is to another member of the textile group.

Somehow selling to someone I know still doesn't reassure me that it is of value. A total stranger being willing to pay for it is much more reassuring.

Still, this way i will be able to go and visit the piece at their posh cottage in Cley, as long as the sea erosion is kept at bay. [or in the bay].