Tuesday, 29 January 2013

historical perspective

This is another fabric I have just rust dyed, with the clutch plate of a Peugot 106, according to the bloke in the junk/boat yard.  .....I'm thinking tumulus, ancient burials doodahs.  The fabric is about a metre long, maybe I should just  leave it as it is, but my stitching fingers are itching.  I have an alarming stash  accumulated of rust dying, I must convince tutor that it is part of my oeuvre....
 Which may be partly because we did our Museum visit today [first day back at art school, I was grumpy last night, we have been off so long over Xmas that having to get up and out in the morning felt like going to work] but in the event was quite exciting.  The snow has been rained off, the air is mild [10 degrees] and it was fun to be part of something again.
 My theme for this semester is going to be the Nude, the aged female I suspect, as that arouses the most interest in my likewise ancient mind, so this fellow may not signify, but it is a bold pic.
 Probably this Mesolithic Venus will feature [even if she is only a replica]
 I also took to this lady
 these are a little serial killerish
where as these two small ladies carved and painted to sit in a Regency dress shop window are rather charming.
Tomorrow I hope to carve a wood block and print one of the ladies.