Wednesday, 12 May 2010

hail to the chief

If I ever win the Lottery [which will be difficult, as I wouldn't lower my dignity or common sense to buy a ticket - but the Retired Person is locked in, as he chose fixed numbers, so he can't stop]........I would force Dick the Wig to sell us this cottage and then we could come down to stay every few months........that's after I had spent my weekends in my London riverside flat of course

So far it has been great here, long walks, good food, even some sunshine.
Too many of the junk shops have been arty fartyfied however.
Today has been a bit different, this afternoon it hailed - ricocheting remorselessly off the couple next door who were trying to break down their front door.
They had locked themselves out. Being older, responsible citizens every door and window was securely locked against them. [NB Always expect the unexpected or leave spare keys with a neighbour!]
Meanwhile Pinky and Perky have been madly coalitioning, doling out jobs to the boys except the poison chalice of Home Secretary to Theresa the shoe shine queen. Hopefully they will play nicely.
I see the even more weird of the Milliband brothers has stepped forward to offer to lead us all to glory once Pinky and Perky have absorbed all the venom generated by the inevitable cuts. Poor Gordon is probably much better off spending more time with his family.