Thursday, 1 December 2011

knitted brows

Serendipitous Opportunknitty blogged that she is making Jayne hats, apparently featured in a SF series Firefly, haven't seen that but am taken with hat so this may solve my need to "knit" as it descends each winter. I did explore the possibility of knitting Sofie's jumper from The Killing as featured in Radio Times. However the wool comes from Denmark and goes round long circular needles, no can't be doing with it.

Hat also needs circular needles but I have hopes...............
Ma knitted this helmet for the Gorgeous Grandson for his third birthday which the Daunting daughter believes may stay on his head longer than usual as it fits under and round his chin and neck.
His waistcoat is my knitting contribution which will probably only appear on this occasion no matter how much she says s/he likes it, but it is the thought that counts. Ma also knitted him some squares which I made up into a kind of tabard. DD found this hilarious. Can't please everyone.

I am now lusting for knitting wool, I Need it, but enough to drive into town........................?