Thursday, 26 May 2011

no place like home

Back now from sea-side holiday with DD and GG. Lovely weather but mood swings from squally to moody, mostly because young people these days seem to live their life on Facebook and there was no WiFi or even phone signal.
Even GG was disadvantaged as the TV signal was crap so no CBeebies and only 4 snowy stations, g'ma had to watch Eastenders thru the blizzard. I saw far too much of Spiderman and Mona the Vampite DVDs however.
Also! the beach was very stony which led GG to demented aerial warfare, so we travelled in-land to castles and lakes with swans.
Castles were appreciated muchly but swans were also in aggressive mood and knocked g'ma over when I was trying to show GG how they wouldn't hurt him.
Returned early to the comforting presence of technological toys and real + virtual friends .
Aggers the cat is not amused, he preferred the quiet and regular meals provided by next door.
Test Match started today, delayed by downpours, Aggers thought it amusing when Aggers the commentator was drenched as he watched the toss.
No comments please.
Auntie Pauline in Canada [87] joined Uncle Ron last night. I don't think they will get on. Ron was very slow talking High Noon Gary and Auntie P is where I am supposed to get my impatient tongue from. She is the youngest sister, so some comfort to ma and Cinders that they are winning.
Ma has gone up to London to inspect the Olympic Stadia today, you can't keep her down for long.