Sunday, 31 July 2011

eel and bird

The weather has been so grey and my mind so dark RP decided the only way to save his sanity was to get me out into the fresh air. [Day before I spent the day lying on the bed listening to the cricket and growling.]

So we went to see the Suffolk Craft show, which was as ever very skilled and various. Sometimes I find something to buy to push the money I earn from my efforts round the circle a bit, but altho there was lots to admire - it was all big and expensive. No room.

So we toddled on to the Eels Foot pub for lunch. As I was feeling reckless I had 3 sausages, 2 eggs and chips.The Eel had a big boot for the inclement weather and I had socks in my crocs. So there. It's a fine old pub just before Minsmere bird sanctuary. for some unknown reason the weather decided to be kind so we pottered on amongst the reed beds.

We saw about 2 birds, possibly because it was mid afternoon and they were sleeping off their lunch. Or maybe the creepy golf ball that is Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, in the middle distance, deterred them.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Retired Person was foraging in the garden, trying to instill some order when he came across these holly berries. So attractive, but are there two different fruit on a holly?

Feeling prickly myself [pathetic link but I am in weakened form] as yesterday was one year before the Olympics apparently, ear to ear media coverage, and I am bored already. I am sure it will be exciting when it happens, but not yet!

Also the medical finger is now to be pursued by a camera next week, I feel a bit dizzy at the thought. Have to eat boiled fish and white bread for 2 days, and then drink 3 lites of salty type water. Pass the Valium.

I notice a proliferation of the Oxford comma amongst my words lately. I was always taught no comma before and, and but, but, an argument has erupted about this comma not known to me before, and now we are becoming friends.

Breaking news Someone has broken into the local museum and stolen the horn from Rosie the rhino. Strange. Not sure why we were home to a stuffed rhino in the first place, she did look very bored, as you would be if you were stuffed, as no doubt I am going to find out.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

let joy be unconfined

These are my Gaiety Girls for the next show in September. The exhibitions is called Concepts and Meanings so I have blathered on about Joy and togetherness. Goodness knows if they will be accepted.

I made them empty headed, feeling that when one is really joyous thoughts are not very coherent. Perhaps I should have called them Ecstasy [take that Spellchecker].

I am not in favour with the Great Panjandrum + committee that runs the group.

We have regional groups under the great ?umbrella and my group keeps suggesting we should also do smaller regional exhibitions, which we set up ourselves. This is not acceptable as we may not keep up "standards"

I have said before how much I hate committees and groups haven't I?

Well when they don't agree with me anyway.

I wanted to submit my "apologies to Tracey Emin" piece as it fits the title so well. However I showed it at a small village show a year ago and Everything in this next exhibition must be New.

I was so tempted to sneak it in, but the nervous energy I would expend worrying about being accused of deception decided me against it. Shame, I doubt it will fit in anywhere else in the area. The village were rather alarmed last time!

Why do some peeps revel in rules and some people hate them?

Monday, 18 July 2011

back to front

I am stitching this for the next show, but discovered, as so often, that I preferred the back. Doubt the jury will however.

Stewarded all day on Saturday for the current exhibition, drove there in a storm, drove back in cloud bursts, bored all day. Maybe I should change my life.

Lots of bods came in from the rain, and we sold lots from the shop ["inspiration packs" and small items, but only good old Fossils and the Reflections piece pictured in earlier blog have sold so far from exhibition room.

Partly maybe from the pricing war members had, which has resulted in some works going [or not going actually] for £400 or £600
The venue is good but we are unknown, so unless there is an budding Audrey Walker or Alice Kettle amongst us i doubt we are worth collecting for big bucks.

There is still a lot of talk that each work took weeks to create, but it is not piece work, if we catch an individuals eye that's good. I was pleased to get £175, that's a lot for anyone to shell out.

I wouldn't have sold at all if I had more wall space, but then I am a smug retiree with a couple of pensions coming in to support my habits. As long as the country doesn't go broke of course.

If we were in London, or other big city, we could sell for more [have to with 100% commission] but a wet afternoon in Suffolk countryside, maybe not.

And maybe we have to be a bit more adventurous in our work, more aware of the zeitgeist..........

Some of the ex-Young British Artists have moved this way it seems, doubtless they can still bring in a small fortune for a video installation or melted plastic dolls but they are out of our league.

Maybe the reverse of my work is worth a small fortune!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


These are some of the works at the exhibition and the other is a Hollyhock and bumbley that is all Nature's own. You can choose which you prefer. I have started a hollyhock piece, but it is a sad reflection and as for the bumbley I wouldn't even try..............

I go back to steward on Saturday so hopefully will get more pics.

Went to hospital today for a check up on why I have an ache in my bum, after what the doc did with her finger I now have a reason to complain. I suffered [a little] so I thought i would spread the pain!

The fun time that young Rupert M is suffering must also be a pain in his bum, and well deserved. Such larks!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

country pleasures

Sadly yesterday RP's car decided that it needed immediate medical attention, but being a thoughtful old car it declined near enough to the local garage to chug onto the forecourt, where it expired with a cough and an amber flashing oil light.
Leaving it in the warm oily embrace of the mechanics we had to decide how to get home.
Phone ma and get rescued, wait for the 2 hourly bus [due in about half an hour or so] ...........brightly I suggested we walk home.
We had come out for a walk after all.
Nearly three miles down a country road, lots of interest in the hedgerows, quite a few obliterated furry and feathered creatures. Death defying encounters with white vans, tractors, lorries .............
We just beat the bus to the outskirts of the village [late as usual] arriving home sweaty but unbowed.
Today we have an extra member of the family, Jpeg, a very enthusiastic black lab [is there any other kind?] to walk for a while. Her owners are off for a few days, so we are dog sitting. She is eight and built like a pile of bricks with gleaming little brown eyes peering out of her huge head looking for food. Any food, anybody's food.

Fossicking Fossils has sold, which is a bit of shock, especially as it is to another member of the textile group.

Somehow selling to someone I know still doesn't reassure me that it is of value. A total stranger being willing to pay for it is much more reassuring.

Still, this way i will be able to go and visit the piece at their posh cottage in Cley, as long as the sea erosion is kept at bay. [or in the bay].

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

chew the cud

The Retired Person's birthday treat was to drive to Bedfordshire and join the queue to a Model Railway exhibition.
Lots of battered old figures safely in their boxes.

Makes a change from my stitcher groups, tho it did occur to me that it was somewhat the male version. We had booked into a 14th century coach house, expecting to be actually sleeping in some kind of motel annexe, but the room was so dark and small we gathered ourselves onto our hind legs and walked out. Very grown up.

Fortunately we found a brighter whiter hotel room in town and could stretch out and watch A Murray losing at the tennis.

The next day should have led us to a nice hotel and similar, but we had run out of chutzpah and eventually after hours trolling round country lanes found ourselves back home. I get so Bored just sitting there, Retired Person is quite happy as he is busy "doing" something [driving]. I am an ungrateful cow, but at least I am back in my barn.

Delivered my stuff to the meeting prior to exhibition. So boring and yet stressed at the same time. I was either sulking or getting shouted at for interrupting the co-ordinator. Guilty.

I quoted Nietzsche as "we hate the thing in others that we fear most in ourselves" which raised a laugh at least.

Read a smashing book this week [cheapo paperback - Skippy Dies" by Paul Murray. It was good to have something to read that was a bit more meaningful than my usual crime but it has left me a bit mournful.

Better not to think really. Trains and stitching, stay in the box where we are safe. Not shaken or stirred.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Finished the Family Tree.

Looks Ok, a bit less like a lollipop.

I am going to hang it like this, i.e. with out any background. It is very light and hangs from a green gardening stick thingy attached across the back.

I stuck it all onto some craft vilene to give it a bit of gravitas, the kind of stuff used to give bags or belts some stiffness.