Wednesday, 25 April 2012


An exciting day as I had to go and see if the aches in my boobs meant the cancer had come back.  Hint - cancer doesn't usually ache. Anyway as you can understand it was a tense time until it was pronounced that I have instead - Costochondritis.  They are not sure what this means, it seems maybe just inflammation of the rib cage, which affects the nerve ending right along the breast.
Nothing to be done, just wait for it to go away, and maybe get him indoors to lift the coal scuttle in future.
Now I am bouncing around with stray adrenaline. A
Already told the Open University to shove their degree, as their tutors are always MIA.  Mine claims her Broadband keeps going down.  I think she is trying to avoid my story.
I wasn't going to carry on after I have finished this course anyway, just wanted to learn how to tell a  story, which maybe I have, a bit.  This last assignment, if tutor doesn't set fire to it is the start of my first novel, 4000+ words
 I have no intention of trying to get it published, as if I could, I just like writing.  Which is why i do this blog.