Monday, 28 June 2010

stag at bay

very hot again today. Hattie and RP have tottered off bravely to bake in the sun while I irritably fiddle with the Gossiping Goddesses, just over a week to get everything finished for the exhibition.
I can't wait to get this stuff off my back, I really am in a ratty mood.
The Teepee has appeared on the green, it is 7 metres tall, and apparently the constructors are just trying it out before they attempt their 12 metre one. The poles have to be transported in segments.
Hippy folk used to live in these things in Wet Wales, once upon a time. I wonder if they still do. It is very enticing to pull out all plugs and just drift.........but i guess it is actually hard work keeping it all going, especially with little kidlets among the daisy chains.

I feel more like this beetle, stuck in a very hard shell and liable to get run over at any moment.........but not before I use my weapons of defense.