Friday, 9 December 2011

fight/flight club

Had my last social engagement [Xmas lunch with SLAPPERS] today, no outside jollies for a month, so no excuses about getting some work done.

We had roast pork at Jimmies Rare Breed Farm, poor piggies looked very happy in the fields, little did they know. Hopefully.

No I remember now we have one more engagement, supper out with P&R, very festive.

After that it is just him, me and mother; plus the beautiful cats, as long as when we let them out tomorrow, for the first time, they return to base..

This is a piece being worked by friend Ruth, based on Kew. If you enlarge you can see the excellent design. Sadly she wants to cover this with a transparent layer with embroidered flowers.

I am fighting her tooth and nail.

Have been struggling with my script for the next Open University assignment, each time I come back to it I tweak, probably I should blitz and start again. It is due in after Xmas, but I am aiming to get it done before as it would be nice for no-one if I was still whittling about it. Xmas celebrations may provide me with Pinteresque plot I suppose.

I am working on my sketch of dancing? woman. I have cut a printing block and done various bits of her which now have to come together, but obviously I am fighting tooth and nail with that too.

It was extremely windy oop North yesterday apparently........165 mile an hour gusts, [ on top of Ben Whatsit] not much down here, tho the river was over the road in three places when I tried to drive off the peninsula to piggy heaven this morning.

Many birds when the tide goes out, always lots of oyster catchers, geese, ducks, a heron and cormorant or two but now there are zillions of little dunlins, or knots or plovers -whatever, little tiny brown jobs anyway.

They look like scatterings of little white bellied pebbles on the sand till they all rise together and fly in a twinkling cloud two yards further down the river. Easy to love the world we live in when I see such sights.

Sadly it is all Euro crash and save the Libraries/NHS/ anything worth while and all is doomed.

Merry Xmas all.