Monday, 27 June 2011

made by hand

Trundled up the A14 to see a small but perfectly formed exhibition of Patchwork City and Guild work. As you can see patchwork and stitching [embroidery] have moved so close together they are almost incestuous. A Quilt is defined by stitching together 2 or more layers and these days the stitching is probably the focus.

This heavy duty example was by Clive, one of the few men partaking, and highly valued as rare of the breed. He has an excellent eye and an adventurous style so he will go far, pursued by adoring acolytes no doubt

There were a couple of traditional quilts, which colourwise were very enjoyable. But the quilting fabrics are specially stocked to mix and match now, which has somehow taken the excitement out of finding materials that work well together.

Barbara produced this rather poetic vision of a forest. She was so delighted to have actually made a completed project, from a standing position. She had never really sewn before, and felt she had never really made anything before. So satisfying to see anyone with that glow of achievement.

This one was based on research into a brickyard I believe, and glowed with gorgeous colour.

This birdiewasn't anything special, just happy.