Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Callie update

She's had all her jabs; put on a kilo and when she wants something [food, toy] she will Sit! for a few secsonds.
 Mostly she pees and poos out doors but when she is greeting us she gets excited  and piddles in front of the door, so we have to make stepping stones of the newspapers, which she then endeavours to chew to confetti.  She loves to cavort thru the house with me chasing behind and finish off the cat food.  Gertie is not amused, but Daisy sits back and studies her with nervous attention. Today Gertie brought in a dead? mouse to show who's boss.
If the weather holds we hope to take her Walkies.  So far she has only been as far as the garden and church yard, can't take her too far as she gets tired and is too heavy to carry far.   As the exhibition at Snape closes tomorrow and I have no commitments in August except to my nearest and dearest I declare summer to have started.