Monday, 18 July 2011

back to front

I am stitching this for the next show, but discovered, as so often, that I preferred the back. Doubt the jury will however.

Stewarded all day on Saturday for the current exhibition, drove there in a storm, drove back in cloud bursts, bored all day. Maybe I should change my life.

Lots of bods came in from the rain, and we sold lots from the shop ["inspiration packs" and small items, but only good old Fossils and the Reflections piece pictured in earlier blog have sold so far from exhibition room.

Partly maybe from the pricing war members had, which has resulted in some works going [or not going actually] for £400 or £600
The venue is good but we are unknown, so unless there is an budding Audrey Walker or Alice Kettle amongst us i doubt we are worth collecting for big bucks.

There is still a lot of talk that each work took weeks to create, but it is not piece work, if we catch an individuals eye that's good. I was pleased to get £175, that's a lot for anyone to shell out.

I wouldn't have sold at all if I had more wall space, but then I am a smug retiree with a couple of pensions coming in to support my habits. As long as the country doesn't go broke of course.

If we were in London, or other big city, we could sell for more [have to with 100% commission] but a wet afternoon in Suffolk countryside, maybe not.

And maybe we have to be a bit more adventurous in our work, more aware of the zeitgeist..........

Some of the ex-Young British Artists have moved this way it seems, doubtless they can still bring in a small fortune for a video installation or melted plastic dolls but they are out of our league.

Maybe the reverse of my work is worth a small fortune!!