Saturday, 3 April 2010

Elizabeth, Florence & moi

I have more in common with Elizabeth Barrett Browning than lots of hair it seems.
Florence has things more under control as one would expect, but I follow in their foot steps in "taking to my couch" thus I am not shopping at Sainsbury's.

The Retired Person has bravely taken on the daunting task of equipping us to withstand bank Holidays and Easter celebrations [there is even a FunFair in the next village - unfortunately it is pouring with rain, what a surprise] and I am free to languish and express myself.
This is a good and well tried wheeze which ladies have adopted to avoid getting pulled down into the minutiae of endlessly organising life for everyone else.

RP resolutely "keeps going" whatever his temperature/colly wobbles, it only once took a leg broken in two places for him to finally take to his bed sucking pain killers. Man flu is not in his repertoire.

Of course when one has young people in ones care one has to struggle on, and one is encouraged to do so.............but threse days I find if one decidedly takes to one's couch one is allowed to read, stitch and watch TV undisturbed. One can even complain that one is being left alone with one's pain too long and acquire company, till a nice little nap achieves peace once more.
I did have to suffer for my art however. the post virus migraine was so long and extended I had to be ferried to docs who prescribed morphine, so that was impressive.
And I shall make the most of it!