Friday, 16 December 2011

waving mostly

Cold and wet outside, a bit of snow mixed in but nothing to make it pretty yet. We have a full compliment of oil and coal for heating and did a big shop yesterday. I have three jumpers on, the cats are sitting as close to the radiator as they can physically achieve without actually being on top.

I have been working on another Dancers piece, am a bit stuck at the mo as to how to proceed, thus various false starts or Samples as we call them in the trade/profession. NB The multi dancers piece is about a dozen times bigger than the next one. This is the smallest one [pin size is a clue].

I am thinking along the lines of Waving not Drowning..........

Christopher Hitchens has died, he gets two ticks on my mental lists of those who go before me- cancer and old age. A very irritating curmudgeon but always engaging. Him being a celeb I have "seen" him infrequently, lately in a mag article still arguefying and then suddenly he is gone.

Better get on with my ladies while I have time. Strangely knowing this I waste oodles of time, watching the gog, reading books [just read an excellent one by Tana French] and am really pleased when trying to write my script for homework that I have eaten up another hour without noticing it.

I guess it is the empty times when I am bored or brooding I am trying to avoid; always pushing myself along. Definitely faulty potty training. Glorious Grandson is 3 and still resisting, goodness knows how that will turn out.