Wednesday, 7 July 2010

not cricket

Wow, as the Glorious Grandson says.
Finally free, I delivered the stuff to my stitching group today and have just finished the Minutes of our meeting, prior to the exhibition, so more niggling demands to do some stitching,
Really I have hardly done any since the GG and daughter arrived, which means that instead of being tetchy because my stitching isn't going right I am tetchy because I am sitting here in the evenings realising just what rubbish is on the gog if I am not distracted.
The world cup football has added to my troubles as i have not got anything left in the recorded section. While the footie is on all they are showing are repeats, mostly of things I hate. presumably they don't want to waste any gems while most people are looking the other way.
The sport all piled up last week, with the footie, cricket and tennis, Sunday it will all be over. I think i was rooting for the loser in almost every case, rotten judgement which is a bit worrying.
Generally i seem to be alternating between somnambulant lethargy [with a side helping of whining] and speeding round at midnight chasing spiders with the vacuum cleaner. They don't seem interested in catching flies, just eating each other.
This afternoon i suddenly started cleaning windows, this is very unusual behaviour.Hattie is looking concerned.