Saturday, 6 October 2012


Re Fine Arts Degree
Well I've done my first week and rather strange it was too.  I seem to be getting on with the other 3 Oldies, and the young ones are like frisky puppies - friendly, but sort of in their own reality.
We did mono printing on Tuesday which was OK, and Life Drawing on Wednesday which was abysmal for the first go [my view was all fore shortened] and then OK  for the second, when I persuaded him to turn sideways a bit.
Most young ones drew him with a HUGE head for some reason, and one drew a dead baby hanging from the ceiling in front of him.  This was greeted with some interest by tutor, so now I know what is expected………
Have at least two projects to complete in next few weeks. 
Painting - A Sense of Place…….take a contemporary artist and paint something in their style, from a photo as a source.  Have you looked at contemporary artists lately, doodles!!
Printing - to reveal a hidden history, physical or metaphysical, a memory/artifact from family or whatever, we are going to an archaeological site on Tuesday to develop this. Joy.  I spent years married to an archaeologist, memories not to be unearthed.
There is an annoying feeling that there are no boundaries, any kind of image making will do, as long as it is "honest" apparently.
But then the tutor demonstrated the most academic skill in the life drawing I have ever seen, much measuring and single point perspective, without anyone, including me, understanding one iota of how she was achieving it.
It's as if they went to the proper Art school decades ago and learnt the skills, but aren't going to pass them on, in case we are inhibited .