Sunday, 24 July 2011

let joy be unconfined

These are my Gaiety Girls for the next show in September. The exhibitions is called Concepts and Meanings so I have blathered on about Joy and togetherness. Goodness knows if they will be accepted.

I made them empty headed, feeling that when one is really joyous thoughts are not very coherent. Perhaps I should have called them Ecstasy [take that Spellchecker].

I am not in favour with the Great Panjandrum + committee that runs the group.

We have regional groups under the great ?umbrella and my group keeps suggesting we should also do smaller regional exhibitions, which we set up ourselves. This is not acceptable as we may not keep up "standards"

I have said before how much I hate committees and groups haven't I?

Well when they don't agree with me anyway.

I wanted to submit my "apologies to Tracey Emin" piece as it fits the title so well. However I showed it at a small village show a year ago and Everything in this next exhibition must be New.

I was so tempted to sneak it in, but the nervous energy I would expend worrying about being accused of deception decided me against it. Shame, I doubt it will fit in anywhere else in the area. The village were rather alarmed last time!

Why do some peeps revel in rules and some people hate them?