Saturday, 18 May 2013

Thinking is easier than Doing

 ArtSkool has set us a summer project which i think I may explore thru the medium of they say.  The above pic [dunno where it comes from which will not please the tutors] is very satisfying and I hope to paint something like, if I can choose an approach...........guess it is based on old Matisse' painting

 I would like to introduce some of the whimsy of Eileen Cooper to some of the work

 These figures that I have made recently will dance round a ruined tower I think.........

 Magdalena Abromovitch [I think I may have missed an itch or two] does these monumental figures, but the sculpture room at ArtSkool has a very laddish hard edged atmosphere which I think may be intimidating, making figures at home is possible but transportation is a problem.

 Kiki Smith has many and various explorations of the female
 Munch is not too hopeful in his Dance of Death...............
 Picasso says just get on with it!!