Sunday, 11 July 2010

and did these feet......

Walked Hattie the dog down at Felixstowe and had a lovely fish and chip lunch at my favourite caf - new table cloths!

The sea breeze was more welcome than usual as the sun was so hot.
They seem to be busy off the coast, surely they are not drilling for oil?

This huge black tanker was also hanging around on the horizon looking menacing.

Mind you I am reading The Passage which renders almost everything menacing after a while, and stayed up late Friday night listening to the wireless waiting for the bloke to shoot himself, almost more surreal than the novel. Why on earth did they tazer him? Why on earth did I lie there listening........I suppose in mitigation that unlike attending a public execution I was thinking that the police would talk him down, but the line between fiction and reality does blur at times.
We understand most things thru the words we use to describe it and it becomes a narrative, but sometimes wordless feelings can question the plot.
Yesterday we walked the sea wall again, some fresh air thru the brain helps I find.
I wondered if the geese were thinking "well who ever is nesting over the river must be pretty big"
Hatty got quite tired in the heat and came in a poor third for once.
Today we have topped and tailed a zillion gooseberries and noted Felting Needles recipe for making goosegog wine.
The bad news is that there are still a few bags left in the bottom of the freezer from last year but some recipes advise freezing the gogs first for wine making, so 12 months immersion should be very effective.
This afternoon I had a phone call from a posh woman named Leonora to say she had put a deposit on my Adam and Eve at the exhibition, so that makes up for the other gallery turning down my "Tracey Emin" - a bit anyway.