Monday, 12 April 2010

a sunny view

It is a lot colder in my room than it is outside in the sunshine. Fortunately I can resist the siren calls of the RP to go and help with the weeding and instead de-camp to the conservatory [wish there was a less pompous name] and join the amaryllis soaking up the sun.

Stimulated by these clever plants that don't need BetaBlockers to get on with their productions I am stitching on my bit for the next big show.
The theme is Deeply Rooted and I am exploring Original Sin. It was going to be much more political and biting till I saw this medieval painting

The simplicity and gentleness inspired me and so far I have produced this

The embellisher, which I had forsworn, [more like sworn] because I/it kept breaking needles flowed like a dream, when I quit trying to force it thru thick felt, and the rust stained dyed material seems to have set a good gentle colour range. The snake is begging to be a surprise there
The female family tree art farty cushions are progressing, tho I keep losing confidence as they are undoubtedly odd. The goddesses are gossiping away in an increasingly bejewelled fashion so I am happy in my work, except when I fall into a little wimpy heap thinking I should just do a huge quilt which could keep me occupied without so much angst for the rest of my life, or till arthritis takes over.
However going to the V&A tomorrow to see the Quilt exhibition - 18th century to our Tracey, so might return with more respect.