Saturday, 9 February 2013

venus in blue jeans

This is my Reduction print, [photo is a bit wonky] 1st I printed the uncut board [rollered ink on it and put in enormous press] then 2nd I cut the background out and rollered and printed what was left
Then I left it in the drying rack for days, as usual I had used much too much ink. Wrenching my brain i managed to work out what to take out, and what to leave for the 3rd print. Like steering a narrow boat everything is in reverse and the consequences of getting it wrong are dire.
we did a bit of architectural drawing at college, - straight lines - building blocks, to draw Mike the model. Tutor told him to stand crucified, ignoring the pain and grimaces that followed, as she blithely announced we have 40 mins to finish this sketch.
Then from bags of little wooden splints and a hot glue gun we were supposed to construct Mike = drawing in 3D.  Quickly Mike kneeled, and basically chatted to us as we squirted boiling hot glue and stuck splints to floor, fingers, paper and bits to each other.
This is my mess shadowed on the wall using an overhead projector.  next week we may bind twigs - my suggestion as it will be bigger and I won't use very rude swear words when I burn my hand. the young people yelped with shock, which just goes to prove how  very old they think I am.
I got 1- as my overall tutor assessment for the term, which was encouraging and scary at the same time.