Thursday, 26 July 2012

ironic weather

Still very hot, typical, we got the doggy cage so we can go somewhere, walk her and then leave her safely in the car while we have lunch...............and it is far too hot to leave dogs in cars.. boo.
The mallow is out all along the sea wall, making a pretty pink path.  Bah Humbug
The families are crabbing down at Felixstowe

and Leiston Abbey has some very attractive walls, [see other blog for more] we would love to show her - spend longer out without wondering if she is eating the furniture/plants at home.
A small problem as opposed to getting bombed from helicopters in Syria but one that I hold tight in my shoulders and neck.  I am getting so impatient these days.  My perspective is narrowing to the next two seconds and why they aren't right!  I don't like myself.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Callie update

She's had all her jabs; put on a kilo and when she wants something [food, toy] she will Sit! for a few secsonds.
 Mostly she pees and poos out doors but when she is greeting us she gets excited  and piddles in front of the door, so we have to make stepping stones of the newspapers, which she then endeavours to chew to confetti.  She loves to cavort thru the house with me chasing behind and finish off the cat food.  Gertie is not amused, but Daisy sits back and studies her with nervous attention. Today Gertie brought in a dead? mouse to show who's boss.
If the weather holds we hope to take her Walkies.  So far she has only been as far as the garden and church yard, can't take her too far as she gets tired and is too heavy to carry far.   As the exhibition at Snape closes tomorrow and I have no commitments in August except to my nearest and dearest I declare summer to have started.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Echoes at Snape Maltings

These trees evolved from some work we did with gesso and fabrics dragged thru it. The resulting ridges reminded me of trees, which i stitched until they revealed themselves. The result is good in that it takes me away from trying too hard with accuracy and not so good as the background wasn't stretched and is a bit uneven, not enhanced by the blue sky inexpertly added at the end.  On the whole tho it looks OK

I have been exploring this theme in my Textile Art for some time, often using similar templates of  joyous women. 
My women are generously curved, proud of their centred gravity. They are sensuous, celebrating their sexuality and each other;  they refuse to be judged as sex objects. 
Waving not Drowning
This piece echoes Stevie Smith's poem. A dance of togetherness and the trust that when a woman is in distress [drowning in her sorrows], there will be friends to support and save her.

Dance for your Life
Shows women, stitched into Mud Cloth, strips, hand woven and dyed in Mali, sub Saharan West Africa. 
Mali is one of the poorest countries in Africa and is in such a dangerous state of unrest that our government advises against all travel to the country at the moment.  Women and children always suffer in times of war, which is why my women are dancing for their lives, in their imagination.
But the echoes of hope are fading

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Went to see a local exhibition of City and guild machine embroidery students. This piece was probably Best in Show. Big and bold and well executed.  There were some nice fabric sketch and sample books too.  Came away without buying anything, so I must conclude I have everything I need!

barging by

 We've lived here a long time without going to see the annual Barge Race. 
Apparently boats need the tide and so it always seemed to start at the crack.  Yesterday it was at 10.30 so we could potter down and gaze fascinated at about 20 barges whittering about in the wind.  Tacking I believe you call it, I only have dim memories of Swallows and Amazons to go by.  Ransome lived in the village when he was writing the first one [and not being a spy or whatever].  Have no idea if anyone won.
 We stood for about an hour in the sun and the wind, except when I slumped to the grass demanding a shooting stick, seriously, I can't do this standing thing for long these days.  Father's discs were dicky, so I reckon mine are too.  Had to have a nap when we got in, shaming.
 Calpurnia remained in quarantine in the conservatory, unashamedly sleeping off her breakfast. We feed her 4 times a day, very simples tho, just dried food and warm water.  She is getting longer! Today her whole face appears above the barricade.  Her teeth are like needles and like any baby everything is explored by mouth, including fingers.