Thursday, 26 July 2012

ironic weather

Still very hot, typical, we got the doggy cage so we can go somewhere, walk her and then leave her safely in the car while we have lunch...............and it is far too hot to leave dogs in cars.. boo.
The mallow is out all along the sea wall, making a pretty pink path.  Bah Humbug
The families are crabbing down at Felixstowe

and Leiston Abbey has some very attractive walls, [see other blog for more] we would love to show her - spend longer out without wondering if she is eating the furniture/plants at home.
A small problem as opposed to getting bombed from helicopters in Syria but one that I hold tight in my shoulders and neck.  I am getting so impatient these days.  My perspective is narrowing to the next two seconds and why they aren't right!  I don't like myself.

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Gillian said...

I believe it's been really hot down south. Cooler here. Today we headed south to Harrogate and Betty's for lunch, and needed jackets.
Hope you have luck with Callie and her cage.
Tink is going well with the harness but we do have busy traffic and she is unsure of the world outside.
Cheers Gillian