Friday, 3 August 2012

Majyk Scraps

Went to the newly reburbished [Lottery money] Tide Mill at Woodbridge.
 Majyk Scraps had the honour of the first exhibition there, and showed a lot of small, intricate pieces responding to the local environment.
The Group is quite small    All of these shown are by Allison Smith.  Her quilting skills have been expertly used to embellish the work in a simple effective way.
 It was Callie's first "day trip" as we ate a pub lunch in Sutton while she slept in her crate in the back of the car. We had first worn her out with a walk by the River Deben, lovely bright day, with a lively breeze.  We feel like proper dog owners now, or at least we will when she gets her toilet arrangements sorted out.  She runs round the house till she comes up against a hissing cat, and chases all over the garden off the lead, until she "finally" hears me calling.

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Gillian said...

So Callie is out and about! Tink has just been spayed and stitches out next Friday so then she can go for a ride.
I like the quilting effect too.
Cheers Gillian