Friday, 17 June 2011

more cold comfort

It is so cold and wet today, I have on jeans, socks, long sleeved T, cardi......knickers and glasses to complete the set, and I am still chilly and disgruntled. Can't possibly put the heating on, it is Flaming June.
Have been finishing the stitching on Fossils, and trying to pin them straight on a backing piece. Growl, I am not good at straight. Ta for the positive thoughts, I need all the buttressing I can accumulate, as do the Fossicking Fossils.
Have an idea re a Family Tree........thought i might cut up into leaf shapes some prints of the usual suspects and, and add some lacey leaves, and make a tree thingy. I keep reprinting out old pics and then getting stuck as to how to move on. Matriarchs from the past glare at me and I wilt.
Told the exhibition committee it might be ready by 7th July, as I haven't actually started, in a scissor snapping way, that doesn't seem likely.
Auntie Cinders tells me to put on another jumper and get on, doubtless they were colder and miserabler in the war, so no arguing.
She has been having a new gas fire fitted, but they lost the original connection bit, so could not proceed as it was obsolete etc. Finally found it on the mantelpiece, Auntie had looked for a candle holder and found the exact round metal thing.
Haven't got anything to read either. Finished Fifth Witness, Ok if a bit irritating, and the new Donna Leon. Thought one of the plot devices a little unbelievable, but I have no doubt she found the story of the crime in a newspaper somewhere.
Spent some time thumbing through Kindel, what a lot of books, most of which I have not heard of. When I read the reviews it is like looking for a comfortable hotel, many dissatisfied users.
Watched the end of Shadow Line last night, not sure I understood who was doing what to whom, mostly shooting each other, but there was some killer acting.