Friday, 14 December 2012

Last Few Days

A busy week as we have final assessments for Sculpture and Photography next week. 
The Drawing assignment is a "Journey" of course, but we have the option of an extension till after New Year.  This may or may not be a good thing.  I have taken rusty bits and marked papers, and now have to make a sketch book to accompany.  This is a bit daunting, starting any new note/sketch book is such a leap, I will need to give myself a good kick to get started.
I finally got going on the photography section when my tutor advised concentrating on something I was really interested in, rather than just an exercise; plus I started to look at other artists with similar preoccupations to me...........
so I went for pics of old ladies, probably older than me as I am still in the phase of  "no, don't take my picture I look too old" There seems to be a line where you maybe get too old to worry.  Or is that an extension of the theory I had when I was young .....when I am 23 I will be really grown up.......or when I am 35 i will be so old I should probably shoot myself.
So a couple of ladies of my acquaintance agreed to help, and with a little photo shopping of text I am attempting to examine the required "Journey" - to Oblivion...........that waits for us all
All Art is about Death or Sex, it seems, and I seem to have chosen to concentrate on the former.  Which suggests Sex is still the final taboo?
These 3 are the result of a farm fire a year or so back.  The hedge was consumed with the assistance rather than the protection of the plastic shields.
Along with my Strange Fruit shtick I have spread into Burnt at the Stake, -  then to self immolation and suicide bombers - Happy Xmas everyone.