Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Mistresses of Art

Another day, another textile exhibition. This one was a bit of a pain to get thru, trekking up to foreign parts - Norfolk and then getting stuck in a traffic jam outside the town for nearly half an hour.
When we finally broke thru we found it was two bollards marking the spot, obviously the work wasn't happening at the w/e. Three main roads had to squeeze thru the single track gap of one cars length.
The town itself may have been quite pretty but it was cold and raining. The lunch at the water side pub, looking out onto the mere, served probably the worst sausage baguette I have ever not tasted. I was reluctant to pass it on to Hatters.
However the exhibition was interesting. The big print above [sorry the light and the wind wasn't helping] was of a stitching group with some minimal stitchery added in the spectacles and the scissors.
Such an impressive print on the rough linen whatever. I loved it. Christina did it while doing her MA and the group was fellow students who stuck together afterwards.
I was very envious of the opportunity they had bravely taken up.
I have finished my two pieces for the Beccles exhibition, altho really I should straighten the stitching of the daisy stems. But it means taking it off the backing etc. etc. one day I expect I will bestir myself.
So really I am free now, maybe, maybe soon I will figure out what to do.