Sunday, 15 April 2012

riots in the countryside

This is the best our fritillaries have ever been. We first saw some in a farmers field and thought they were so lovely, we bought some seeds some years back. The farmer was having an Open Day to show them off, more exciting than we expected as it was a wet year and most of the visitors cars had to be towed out of his yard with a tractor because of the mud. All the plants and trees seem to be doing exceptionally well, unless this is their last hurrah. We saw a cotoneaster [I think] hedge today up the lane that was a total riot of acid yellow flowers, the magnolia has been wonderful, mother's cherry tree is covered in blossom and the all the gardens look gorgeous, can we please use our hose now? when it stops raining of course.

Altho it is quite dry here, it certainly isn't the drought they claim, and we have had rain every day since then any way.
When it does rain we have been playing magnetic scrabble, not very well but it does take some of the boredom out of the kitchen work.