Wednesday, 30 June 2010

going public

Stormed up the A14 to Art Gallery yesterday to take my "Tracey" for a whirl.
She is to be judged, and probably found wanting. This rural county is awash with artists, tho I rarely meet them, too intimidating, so i expect my angry stitching about women's eating habits won't get wall space.
However nothing day I will have my own exhibition of all my angry women.
It's like that old tree in the forest, if no-one hears it fall, did it happen? Yes yes i know that's pretentious rubbish,of course it did but it kind of explains the wish to show ones work. If no-one sees it, is it art?
It is much too hot today for thinking philosophical conundrums anyway.
Funnily enough I haven't actually shown it to anyone, anonymous showing is what I crave.

Had a lovely corn beef hash with Victoria on the way back.

Monday, 28 June 2010

stag at bay

very hot again today. Hattie and RP have tottered off bravely to bake in the sun while I irritably fiddle with the Gossiping Goddesses, just over a week to get everything finished for the exhibition.
I can't wait to get this stuff off my back, I really am in a ratty mood.
The Teepee has appeared on the green, it is 7 metres tall, and apparently the constructors are just trying it out before they attempt their 12 metre one. The poles have to be transported in segments.
Hippy folk used to live in these things in Wet Wales, once upon a time. I wonder if they still do. It is very enticing to pull out all plugs and just drift.........but i guess it is actually hard work keeping it all going, especially with little kidlets among the daisy chains.

I feel more like this beetle, stuck in a very hard shell and liable to get run over at any moment.........but not before I use my weapons of defense.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

abandon hope

Here's some lovely red poppies to replace the memory of the scarlet clad English football team.
I had to go and sit with my book [Marshall Karp, very enjoyable] in my shed to escape the ignominy of the second half. I'm sure they tried but somehow it was so predictable,
We did manage not to lose the cricket to the Aussies today, but it was close. Andy Murray is still at Wimbledon, but doubtless not for long..........but maybe being Scots he will have the bottle to believe he can win.
I am English, I look at what I make and I feel very mediocre.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

moths in the sun

We saw this fabulous butterfly when out walking Hatty the dog this morning, between down pours.
Blasted weather is dreadful, some strong sunshine - till everyone relaxes and then torrential rain and wind.
This is not our photo, of which RP surprisingly snapped a few [usually the butterflies flutter by when just in focus. But I was so excited {I couldn't wait to down [up?]load} by the design and undoubted rarity I had to look it up and see if it could be named after ......Me
..however it turns out it is not a butterfly but a Cinnabar day flying moth and quite common. Shame. Still beautiful tho in Mary Quant style.
Otherwise not too much happening, working on my Tracey Emin, stretching Adam and Eve and promising the Gossiping Goddesses I will stand them up soon.
Good debate on the Review Show last night about how we should perceive the challenges of the economic mayhem,
Germaine Greer [a furry grey moth these days]pontificating at volume and Tristram Hunt, new Labour MP [so a rare species] and friend of Lord Mandelson, very much a Peacock butterfly sprawling on the couch and drawling over other chubbier little members of the group.
Kirsty Wark was chairing - a screech owl? wise but so squawky, but presumably so powerful in the media these days she could gobble up the rest as a snack.
Some of the discussion was as usual on civil liberties and how much they should be curtailed.
Philip Blond who looked [he hopes} like a young Napoleanbut more a caterpillar with a wig, has written a book titled Red Tory advising us to save ourselves by returning to the certainties of the 1950s,drop individualism and become a community again- someone said it was the government's job to save us "by".........but the other chubber said who was to save us "from" was just as important.
"Under the auspices of both the state and the market, a vast body of disenfranchised and disengaged citizens has been constituted. They have been stripped of their culture by the Left and their capital by the Right, and in such nakedness they enter the trading floor of life with only their labour to sell. Proletarianised and segregated, the individuals created by the market-state settlement can never really form a genuine society: they lack the social capital to create such an association and the economic basis to sustain it.”
Thought provoking but rather middle class orientated - but then it as the Review Show on the BBC.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

space to let

It feels odd to have space and peace back in the house, even tho it was knackering I do miss their bustle.

One afternoon I drove us to the rare breeds farm, fortunately no longer suffering blue tongue, as one of its rarities was last year.

It was often a case of beauty and the beast.

It took GG two tries to work out the significance of the electric fence.

So far the World Football Cup is not filling the space, roll on Wimbledon.

Friday, 4 June 2010

sand, sea and rain

We are back from a week in Pakefield, this is nicely meaningless information as I doubt many have heard of it, so it could be exotic. But if I said Lowestoft, [the obvious address just a couple of miles up the coast from Pakers] some may wonder - just what is the fascination with run down fishing towns..... Dunno. My father was in the navy so mother followed him from coastal town to coastal town [Eastbourne; Margate] awaiting his long delayed demob. No doubt having known him all her life she was well aware of what he would get up to without a wifely weather eye out. Thus the sound of the cold waves is probably soothing to my brow and I still hate brass bands on pompous little band stands. The Sally Army band wandering the streets would be very welcome but they don't proliferate in the South. I rented a very nice 3 bedroomed end of terrace within spitting distance of the sea and set the Glorious Grandson rained. But we are a proud island breed even if daughter and GG are now dual nationality and boldly we set forth. but the sun came out eventually there is always hope .....altho daughter thinks that the hope found in the bottom of Pandora's box was the final evil, not a last positive gift; but then she is trying to work up the decision to go for a divorce. As we weren't expecting the rain we had to buy His Nibs a new jacket, well as new as the charity shop could provide. We did go out for a lot of walks, whatever the weather, grandma turns into the Wicked Witch of the East incarcerated with a busy toddler. Hatty the dog was in full agreement as she is not used to having to share her toys, same can be said of g'ma I suppose. I haven't actually stitched a stitch since GG arrived for obvious reasons. I sent a description of my Tracey Emin rip off "women are the sin eaters" to a local gallery for a forthcoming exhibition, but I suspect it won't be quite what they are used to. I would like to have done some sketching of GG, but the paints never got wet, as opposed to GG
Today daughter and offspring have been "taxied" off to town to meet up with school friends, thus here there is the mind and physical space to check mails and water the flowers. The Reunion for her year is on Saturday, fortunately we will the taxying her to the airport on Sunday.................