Sunday, 27 June 2010

abandon hope

Here's some lovely red poppies to replace the memory of the scarlet clad English football team.
I had to go and sit with my book [Marshall Karp, very enjoyable] in my shed to escape the ignominy of the second half. I'm sure they tried but somehow it was so predictable,
We did manage not to lose the cricket to the Aussies today, but it was close. Andy Murray is still at Wimbledon, but doubtless not for long..........but maybe being Scots he will have the bottle to believe he can win.
I am English, I look at what I make and I feel very mediocre.


Sue said...

bah! humbug! mediocre you are most definitely NOT. Do not even begin to think it.
Ta for the glorious poppies, one of my favourite flowers.

carol said...

I agree with Sue - nothng mediocre about you. Even with the grumps you can make me laugh - that's not bad for a start!