Saturday, 19 June 2010

moths in the sun

We saw this fabulous butterfly when out walking Hatty the dog this morning, between down pours.
Blasted weather is dreadful, some strong sunshine - till everyone relaxes and then torrential rain and wind.
This is not our photo, of which RP surprisingly snapped a few [usually the butterflies flutter by when just in focus. But I was so excited {I couldn't wait to down [up?]load} by the design and undoubted rarity I had to look it up and see if it could be named after ......Me
..however it turns out it is not a butterfly but a Cinnabar day flying moth and quite common. Shame. Still beautiful tho in Mary Quant style.
Otherwise not too much happening, working on my Tracey Emin, stretching Adam and Eve and promising the Gossiping Goddesses I will stand them up soon.
Good debate on the Review Show last night about how we should perceive the challenges of the economic mayhem,
Germaine Greer [a furry grey moth these days]pontificating at volume and Tristram Hunt, new Labour MP [so a rare species] and friend of Lord Mandelson, very much a Peacock butterfly sprawling on the couch and drawling over other chubbier little members of the group.
Kirsty Wark was chairing - a screech owl? wise but so squawky, but presumably so powerful in the media these days she could gobble up the rest as a snack.
Some of the discussion was as usual on civil liberties and how much they should be curtailed.
Philip Blond who looked [he hopes} like a young Napoleanbut more a caterpillar with a wig, has written a book titled Red Tory advising us to save ourselves by returning to the certainties of the 1950s,drop individualism and become a community again- someone said it was the government's job to save us "by".........but the other chubber said who was to save us "from" was just as important.
"Under the auspices of both the state and the market, a vast body of disenfranchised and disengaged citizens has been constituted. They have been stripped of their culture by the Left and their capital by the Right, and in such nakedness they enter the trading floor of life with only their labour to sell. Proletarianised and segregated, the individuals created by the market-state settlement can never really form a genuine society: they lack the social capital to create such an association and the economic basis to sustain it.”
Thought provoking but rather middle class orientated - but then it as the Review Show on the BBC.


carol said...

There's a lot of work being put into evolving a more self-sufficient local community here, the Farmer's Markets being one project that's taking off well. A field has been turned into allotments, and of course we already have the LETS system.

He may use a lot of words but it seems he is reflecting a general view.

Feltmaker said...

I shall skip the politics and go straight to the cinnabar ;)

Gorgeous aren't they - we were chasing them them around the field yesterday 8-)

carol said...

Try this connection for a comment on Tracey E: