Thursday, 14 March 2013

nine lives plus one

This ghostly figure, I constructed from wire and plaster, is probably how I feel sometimes, trying to drag myself to school and produce something I like.
Our assessments were OK, if somewhat inflammatory by the end of a long morning when the tutor was getting tired of us snapping at his ankles. 
When we whine we can't make head or tail of what he is intoning, he snaps "well do you want me to bring you up to my level, or should I come down to yours". 
What we want is to meet in the middle, but like most tutors he has no teacher training, so all he can do is tell us what he knows, and so far we haven't go that far up the ladder.But he did say lots that was useful as well, as he went one by one thru our sorry offerings and maybe one day we will reach the peaks of his experience.
It is quite invigorating having him around, instead of the incessant - oh that's awesome, when I am fully aware it isn't.
Did a portrait tutorial too this week, actual handouts and organisation, tutor is an ex-graduate doing her year teaching experience.

Also had a little trip out [sorely needed to escape the treadmill [which in the main i am enjoying, honest] my textile group went to Colchester to see Nine Lives exhibition by a colleague at Slack Space.
This is a movable exhibition space the council enable to take over empty premises for a while.
Nine artists created a "collection" that would explore the life of a person.  It was very interesting and creative.  Also there was an exhibition of degree? artists exploring ......narrative, text? books in inventive ways, very stimulating.  Good to see other minds at work.