Monday, 10 May 2010


Back again, for the seventh holiday in this fisherman's cottage, fortunately he is no longer needs it.
They are building an Art gallery down by the shore, the locals are furious as it will be on top of their coach park - who will buy the fish and chips and ride on the carousel? The Worthies obviously have a different clientele in mind.
We are here for two weeks and already I can feel my shoulders relaxing - sunshine, doggie walks and lovely food - remarkable that we are still in England, if only clinging to a Southern edge.
The cottage has been equipped with a new TV and digi-box thing so we have been able to keep up with the political machinations, it all seems so craven, crawling up to Cleggie offering him goodies if only he will play nice.
How can the Tories just fold and reverse their statement that they do not believe in Proportional Representation?
I think the Lib Dems are mad if they hitch up to either, the Tories should just go with their minority government and see what comes...............but there again what do i know, I am on holiday.