Monday, 24 September 2012

A student again

My day [first of Induction Week into the Fine Arts Course] was very tiring for a poor old lady like me.  Much poorer now I have to pay the exorbitant fees, but if not now, when.

There are 20 in my "cohort," young things, barely fully formed, there are three older persons like me, but they are going full time. VERY expensive, unless this is their first degree.
I am just doing part time, as I want time to see my husband, puppy and friends.  Puppy has the squits so am not so keen on her at the mo [rice is the answer, we hope].
After this week of being talked at [repetitiously] and shown round the college [as if I am going to remember what is where] I start the arty farty bit, Monday and Tuesday all day [gulp] and Drawing on a Wednesday morning.
Painting, Sculpture, Printing and Photography.

On Thursday this week we are off on a coach daytrip [joy] to Orford Ness to take photos and sketch, ["water" colours?]
It is all very strange, and I have to concentrate and bear down so as not to run away.  It helps to write it all down, so I hope you find some of it of interest.