Sunday, 9 June 2013

Turn that frown

Have been noodling for a while with the thought of messing with Matisse's "Dance" as a sculpture, plus stitching a figure is a relaxing occupation for some reason.
I tried to make this one bigger than previous other figures I have made, but realise now she is about the same size as usual.
 It is perhaps a "prototype" - maybe at ArtSkool I can make a group of very big and very angry? women stamping about, or just having fun - but that might not be Arty enough......but as I often am "angry" it may bleed thru whatever I intend. 
Fate is taking a bashing at the mo about my kids and their kid living so far away............But working with what I have got, a room of my own, a mind of my own etc.  I must motor on and enjoy the scenery while I can.
 Splashed a bit more on mother's portrait which make sit look a bit more inhabited, if not by my actual mother.  A friend of ours died this week so we have adopted that 1000 mile stare of persons reminded of their mortality perhaps.
 Playing with the Altered Books concept has been good therapy.  This page of Hints and Wrinkles is discussing the 1930s thoughts for Home Rule which led me to think about the compartments of a mind.....not in a chirpy way, obviously.  I had a little stick per letter printing set which helped echo the official style of instruction.
Tomorrow I Hope I will actually get to attend one of the Textile Art groups I belong to without ArtSkool intervening, so hopefully I will be cheered by the creativity and friendship, hopefully without dousing them in my current dour outlook.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Poor Me

Lots to do but too tired and miserable at the moment.