Sunday, 20 January 2013


Have been experimenting with some hand stitching on my rust cloth.   Hoping to frame a  set of four.
Have also been messing around with off cuts from the River sketch book, taking some thoughts from the Blessed Alice I rollered some black ink here and there and ended up with some quite attractive textures.  What to do with them is another question.............tea dyed some linen for a background, but feel it needs some more work to integrate everything. Would be nice to frame each strip individually but not sure I have the confidence.
And have started work on the Sketch books for next term.  I hope to take the Nude as my theme, and paint on HUGE canvases...........and make clay figures of Nudes already painted.  The Lucian Freud and Alice Neel come to mind.  It's a Plan.  I would add pics but Blogsite seems to have changed yet again and I refuse to read instructions.  Life is restricted enough.


Went to Wells next the Sea [Norfolk] for nearly a week. Came back a day early worried about getting snowed in and because I pulled muscle in my poor elderly back,  Bend Zee Knees when attempting to pick up your bag.
Callie had a wonderful time, by the end she sparkled like a diamond with all her healthy walks [and splunges into the waters]  Geese laughed loudly and continuously.