Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Heard some pundit on wireless today scoffing "what's the point of writing a blog if you only have 60 followers" Oh dear.
I could give out my address to acquaintances but my aspiration was to write fairly freely, not having to wonder about hurting peeps feelings, thus I think nobody reads my blog within 50miles............I value my distance followers so much and lust for comments.
I guess opening up would mean more interaction, but then I get paranoid so quickly..........I guess I am happy as I am. Just shaping the words gives satisfaction, and honing the thoughts even occasionally gives clarity to me, if no-one else.
I record another frustrating conundrum, fire engines are rocketing down the road to the river, I can see no smoke, but I am too inert to walk down and inspect events.
I think the cat has farted.
I am starting an Open University course in Creative Writing, when I can work up the courage to open the books.
It starts in October, so I am just dancing round them at the mo - the 2 work books are a very pleasing scarlet design. I hope having paid the fees I will bow the neck and acquiesce to instruction, however arrogantly I may respond initially, or how craven I will feel when trying to actually offer up my contributions.
I never lack ideas, but as in my art work I have difficulty developing the theme beyond the mediocre......
To sooth the nerves I am reading the new CJ Sansom "Heartstone" [medieval crime novel] and to deflect I am going to start tomorrow a 6 week course in hand stitching, where I will doubtless need to be tied down to learn something.
Having been a teacher I have very mixed reactions to other teachers practising their skills.
There is always something to learn.