Thursday, 20 May 2010

hasting home and away again

The seagulls in Hastings were large and vociferous, this one marches up and down the road when we walk by with Hattie, shouting very rudely. But when they are gliding thru the thermals at the cliff edge they are so elegant and beautiful.

We had S&D visiting for the last couple of days, it was a pleasure to show them why I love this area so much, the morning hike was great but in the afternoon the sea mist came rolling in and everything went cold and grey.
This happened the day before as well, so I persuaded RP it would be an excellent opportunity to f*** off to the flics, so we went to see Robin Hood, it was quite enjoyable - Russell Crowe was as solid as ever, tho his Nottingham accent lent more to blarney, Cate Blanchettte as Maid Marian is more of a woman than a maid, so was encouraging to identify with.

Too many battle scenes however, most of which never happened, even in myth. King John was a hoot and the Sheriff of Nottingham looks as if he may amuse in the sequel. There were at least 10 other people in the cinema who seemed to all have fun.

We are home again now, got lost 3 times leaving Hastings which I swear wasn't because I didn't want to go. RP just assumed that having done the trip 6 times before he could remember the way to the A21. No.
Tonight we chug off again to Heathrow to meet daughter and the Glorious Grandson who will be with us for the next 3 weeks.
This is great, but also frightening as my room/house is in no way toddler proof. For the first 5 days they will base themselves at my mother's house as she is gadding away down in the West country, inspecting gardens.
I went over today to her bungalow to make sure I knew where everything is, and was somewhat un-nerved by the number of knickknacks she has on show. Otherwise the house is a bit like an hotel as she is avidly modifying her life and environs.
When daughter and GG are decanted for what I hope will be a long refreshing jet lagged sleep I will have to trawl round and place all the china and flora up high. Ma presumably thinks that GG is still very small and helpless..............