Friday, 4 June 2010

sand, sea and rain

We are back from a week in Pakefield, this is nicely meaningless information as I doubt many have heard of it, so it could be exotic. But if I said Lowestoft, [the obvious address just a couple of miles up the coast from Pakers] some may wonder - just what is the fascination with run down fishing towns..... Dunno. My father was in the navy so mother followed him from coastal town to coastal town [Eastbourne; Margate] awaiting his long delayed demob. No doubt having known him all her life she was well aware of what he would get up to without a wifely weather eye out. Thus the sound of the cold waves is probably soothing to my brow and I still hate brass bands on pompous little band stands. The Sally Army band wandering the streets would be very welcome but they don't proliferate in the South. I rented a very nice 3 bedroomed end of terrace within spitting distance of the sea and set the Glorious Grandson rained. But we are a proud island breed even if daughter and GG are now dual nationality and boldly we set forth. but the sun came out eventually there is always hope .....altho daughter thinks that the hope found in the bottom of Pandora's box was the final evil, not a last positive gift; but then she is trying to work up the decision to go for a divorce. As we weren't expecting the rain we had to buy His Nibs a new jacket, well as new as the charity shop could provide. We did go out for a lot of walks, whatever the weather, grandma turns into the Wicked Witch of the East incarcerated with a busy toddler. Hatty the dog was in full agreement as she is not used to having to share her toys, same can be said of g'ma I suppose. I haven't actually stitched a stitch since GG arrived for obvious reasons. I sent a description of my Tracey Emin rip off "women are the sin eaters" to a local gallery for a forthcoming exhibition, but I suspect it won't be quite what they are used to. I would like to have done some sketching of GG, but the paints never got wet, as opposed to GG
Today daughter and offspring have been "taxied" off to town to meet up with school friends, thus here there is the mind and physical space to check mails and water the flowers. The Reunion for her year is on Saturday, fortunately we will the taxying her to the airport on Sunday.................