Sunday, 26 December 2010

mixed Xmas news

Sparkling bright but freezing St Stephen's Day. [Apparently Boxing Day is the first week/working day after Xmas.]
Have horrible bullet hole in my left shoulder blade, well that is what it feels like. I guess it is some arthritis type thing and seems to zing excruciatingly between shoulders lately. A hot water bottle is the only relief known to woman.
Xmas Day went well, if you like the peaceful kind. Wrinklies all turned up and ate and sported themselves in front of the roaring fire, with Aggers the cat. The fire didn't actually roar but it did send out atomic heat from the primeval age when the trees first hit the swamp.
No TV, as Retired Person's retired father is deaf and can't/won't hear without the hearing "loop" installed. RP's retired mother took the opportunity to do a long Hattie walk with No 1 son while I sat and knitted RP's jumper. My ma regaled RP's father with chat, most of which he was blissfully unaware of.
There is now far too much turkey, chocolates and biscuits in the house.
I did discover the joys of a whisky mac, which made everything seem even cosier. Also have invented a Guiness/lemonade shandy which pleases. [I stay away from wine because of headaches]
All the offspring phoned/Skyped and warm words were exchanged. GG was seen pursuing an electronic dinosaur round the house. It was almost as big as him.
I remember [dire phrase] being presented with a giant plastic clothed elf doll when I was smaller than it and screaming the house down in fear. GG is made of sterner stuff.
He also has a giant bag of giant lego which may prove constructive once he stops tossing it at the dinosaur.
No 1 son had finally got off his bum and rented a holiday house near San Francisco with 7 other stick insects [messengers in lycra] and was actually sounding happy, which was encouraging.
RP's son lives in Bristol but not near where the poor young woman got deaded, I presume she was murdered, either that or the golf was particularly boring. The sight of her anguished parents appealing for her return was unbearable.