Thursday, 27 December 2012


Xmas day = new toys. Parents don't really believe what they see, I suppose when we are in our 80/90s we will be a bit bemused too.
I received inks for the printer [very welcome] book tokens [even more welcome] and an excellent book The Naked Nude which contrasts the traditional painted perfection with contemporary contradictions, wonderful pics.
Also 2 CDs for the car, belatedly Blunderbuss and the newer Alabama Shakes, which should cheer my chug into college on cold and misty mornings. 
Plus the jumper from The Killing/Faroe Islands [blue with grey snowflakes].  I know!! however it is wearable and warm and a possible family heirloom?
Skyped daughter and g'son in Nevada and spoke to son [horrible cold, stuck in SanFrancisco, Donner Pass snowed in, could be worse ] so all's well.
I am still working on the sketch book for my Drawing assignment [due Jan 7th - too far away to panic yet] but have discovered a recipe for crocheting Beanies; daughter and I now have a purple one each, and g'son a stripey one. 
Now onto black one for g'sons's dad, he won't wear anything but black. 
It is very satisfying as I can crochet them in an evening or so, while catching up on all the Xmas TV.  Disappointed with most of it, but Outnumbered was good I thought, [as close as I want to get to Noro-virus] and Eastenders was it's usual headbanging self. 
Downton tried to get a dozen story lines in a pint pot, Miranda was daffily amusing and reruns of Modern Family were very acceptable, as I missed them first time.  Saw bits of the Hitchcock drama, but found it too disturbing, in several ways.
Rain is still raining, as everywhere.  The puddles in the road are quite deep now and beginning to join up, but not as terrible as the floods in the West country. I have lit the fire and shall go and read one of my new books now [with pages].  xx

Friday, 21 December 2012

photo shopped


You will remember that the sculpture mission was to design something to go on the empty plinth.  Here are some of my cohort's offerings. 

various I think you will agree. I got a lot of stick from making quite a lot, but it is my fave, and I want to continue, have to make some impact as I am only part time.  Tutor seemed quite pleased with us, however on my feed back tutorial he quoth to me, well you have been in education, so you know how to play the game.  Not quite the enthusiastic rave response I was hoping for.

 This was my "Lens Based" exhibit, next day, plus some projections on a white wall. 
D did the most startling 3 wall projection, exploration of domestic violence titled Home Front - photos of plastic soldiers placed in combat positions all round her home, played with martial music and appropriate quotes flashing up. Really impressive. Makes you proud.
Wednesday was the final Drawing session, Mike the Model with balloons. Afterwards we went into the park where M was to walk towards us throwing balloons in the air......sadly few of us realised that only helium balloons float upwards, so it was a bit of a disappointment, but a laugh too.
Holidays now till February, these undergrads get long hols it seems.  Have homework however.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Last Few Days

A busy week as we have final assessments for Sculpture and Photography next week. 
The Drawing assignment is a "Journey" of course, but we have the option of an extension till after New Year.  This may or may not be a good thing.  I have taken rusty bits and marked papers, and now have to make a sketch book to accompany.  This is a bit daunting, starting any new note/sketch book is such a leap, I will need to give myself a good kick to get started.
I finally got going on the photography section when my tutor advised concentrating on something I was really interested in, rather than just an exercise; plus I started to look at other artists with similar preoccupations to me...........
so I went for pics of old ladies, probably older than me as I am still in the phase of  "no, don't take my picture I look too old" There seems to be a line where you maybe get too old to worry.  Or is that an extension of the theory I had when I was young .....when I am 23 I will be really grown up.......or when I am 35 i will be so old I should probably shoot myself.
So a couple of ladies of my acquaintance agreed to help, and with a little photo shopping of text I am attempting to examine the required "Journey" - to Oblivion...........that waits for us all
All Art is about Death or Sex, it seems, and I seem to have chosen to concentrate on the former.  Which suggests Sex is still the final taboo?
These 3 are the result of a farm fire a year or so back.  The hedge was consumed with the assistance rather than the protection of the plastic shields.
Along with my Strange Fruit shtick I have spread into Burnt at the Stake, -  then to self immolation and suicide bombers - Happy Xmas everyone.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ups & Downs

One day I am like this figure, crawling through the depths of despair and the next I am the cardboard lady, quite cheerful and determined.
Monday was fine, the technician bashed an upright onto a wood base and nailed two struts across the top for me. I know I can do it myself, but I am female and don't have construction patterned deep in the genes. I don't know all the rules of snooker either, tho I am getting the hang of cricket.
He later welded a metal strut onto a metal base for me, now that I would have liked to do, but the nervous energy and necessity to muck it up the first five times led me to accept his offer.
So now I have two potentials, and while he was doing his thing I could take some pics of previous attempts to be sculptural on my "plinth" - fortunately it cannot be easily the discerned that the back of the plinth has fallen off.  That's a good example of one I made earlier by myself.
As scale is an important concept to mess with in contemporary art it is an added advantage if my figure is too big for the plinth [otherwise I would have to make more plinths]. 
However we also have to photo shop some of our sculptures onto virtual plinths to prove we know how.  I don't.
Somehow by Monday week i have to prove myself wrong.
Tuesday I continued to make figures for my upright which I have painted black, and which evolved into "Strange Fruit" [see B Holiday].  The figures emerged when I was fiddling with the hot wire and polystyrene off cuts, and are now also black.
Then I had my photography tutorial where I was found wanting.  Tutor was not enthralled with my Car Park theme and wondered why I wasn't photoing that is my obvious interest.  I thought I had to be more cerebral and abstract. 
Also what with the Sculpture I didn't have much to show. Especially depressing was the projection afternoon where our pics were projected onto a black and or white wall.  College technology is very temperamental, noise levels of excitement were high, and I felt a failure.  Evening followed of much muttering.
Wednesday we drew snow [because it had] a tree from a photo and Mike the Model in a cloth cap [and coat] great fun, Good humour returned.