Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ups & Downs

One day I am like this figure, crawling through the depths of despair and the next I am the cardboard lady, quite cheerful and determined.
Monday was fine, the technician bashed an upright onto a wood base and nailed two struts across the top for me. I know I can do it myself, but I am female and don't have construction patterned deep in the genes. I don't know all the rules of snooker either, tho I am getting the hang of cricket.
He later welded a metal strut onto a metal base for me, now that I would have liked to do, but the nervous energy and necessity to muck it up the first five times led me to accept his offer.
So now I have two potentials, and while he was doing his thing I could take some pics of previous attempts to be sculptural on my "plinth" - fortunately it cannot be easily the discerned that the back of the plinth has fallen off.  That's a good example of one I made earlier by myself.
As scale is an important concept to mess with in contemporary art it is an added advantage if my figure is too big for the plinth [otherwise I would have to make more plinths]. 
However we also have to photo shop some of our sculptures onto virtual plinths to prove we know how.  I don't.
Somehow by Monday week i have to prove myself wrong.
Tuesday I continued to make figures for my upright which I have painted black, and which evolved into "Strange Fruit" [see B Holiday].  The figures emerged when I was fiddling with the hot wire and polystyrene off cuts, and are now also black.
Then I had my photography tutorial where I was found wanting.  Tutor was not enthralled with my Car Park theme and wondered why I wasn't photoing that is my obvious interest.  I thought I had to be more cerebral and abstract. 
Also what with the Sculpture I didn't have much to show. Especially depressing was the projection afternoon where our pics were projected onto a black and or white wall.  College technology is very temperamental, noise levels of excitement were high, and I felt a failure.  Evening followed of much muttering.
Wednesday we drew snow [because it had] a tree from a photo and Mike the Model in a cloth cap [and coat] great fun, Good humour returned.

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