Thursday, 29 November 2012


We have discovered a lovely artist   -Alice Fox -she has had a 6 month residency at Spurn Head, and one of the ways she found to express her surrounding was with rust work. 
Do look her up.
Full of excitement and impatience I sallied forth and rust dyed some fabric, the secret is tea!  It is so fabulous the only thing I can do is goggle in delight at its wonders.  One day i will settle down and stitch it.
I also used her technique to print iron flotsam and jetsam on paperand my tutor has approved them as a record of the "journey" project, so double obeisance to the Blessed Alice.
Most peeps are amused by my giant copralite,thus to educate the masses, always my aim; I have inscribed it with archaeological data.
Adding to the Ladies of my Town sculptures I made a Mrs. Giacometti, coming home from the shops.
We have to produce a lens based project "journey".  Again.  I reckon the tutors all watch X factor. 
I had the idea that when I arrive at college car park each morning I take a pic of the view thru the windshield with the dated car park ticket.  That should be post modern enough I hope.  Also if I remember.

Had a terrible morning watching a screen above my eye line, while technician showed us how many tricks he can play with photo shop.  I learnt very little [sequences are NOT my forte] in the pm we looked at a video of a BBC programme on sculpture that I think I have seen before. Went home with a headache.
Wednesday was fun as we went into the dance studio and sketched the dancers during their yoga session.  Very very quick sketches.  Perhaps this is my forte as later I started a drawing of the model [40 mins] to great acclaim, and then proceeded to completely ruin in by over working.  have to learn to STOP.


carol said...

Very much like the tea dye and Mrs. G.

Gillian said...

I also love the tea dying. I remember kids at school used to do projects and stain the edges to make them look like historical documents...also tea is used to dye crochet and make it look antique!
Not many people come home with there shopping like Mrs G. She really looks like there's a weight in the bags.
Cheers Gillian