Saturday, 24 November 2012

light and shade

 Have been having fun working on the Sculpture and Lens based modules. We have to design a sculpture for a plinth near college.  When I researched I found there was only one female form in the whole town, the rest were men or boats plus one Madonna who in this context doesn't count.......
 I knocked up the plaster and clay models of a woman and her whining g'child trying to get the shopping done.
 Then I threw caution out of the window and took my inspiration from the nearby Coprolite St. [fossilised dinosaur dung] and made this giant turd.  Tutor liked it more.

 We have had a couple of sessions on F numbers and shutter speeds with the aim of producing photos that are blurry or otherwise usually rejectable. I used my own camera, which the tutor couldn't sort out either, so the results were mixed.  The Performance Arts students were very patient and good tempered.
This was someone skipping with a rope of green Xmas lights, a huge success? Next week we are to have a go at photo shop, so my troubles have only just begun.


carol said...

your tutor shows poor taste IMO. There's enough ugliness in life without adding to it. I like the hapless granny much more.

Gillian said...

The models are all worthy of a plinth. Love the photos too. Good luck with it all.
Cheers Gillian

Alison Couchman said...

Sounds like your tutor is a tad pretentious!! LOVE the photos - 'specially the one with the floaty fabric.